Q. Do you have exciting ideas or challenging goals?

Q. Do you want to smash them and bring those ideas to life?

Q. Are you slow to move forward or holding yourself back?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these question, you need a mentor and one who can push you forward!

As a mentor, I guide and support business owners or professionals to develop, grow and achieve their goals on a one to one, confidential and exclusive basis.

Mentoring is different from coaching. As a coach, I train students to help them to improve their skills or knowledge. As your mentor, I’m the 6 C words. . .

Consultant: Your personal advisor

Counsellor: Your listening ear

Confidant: Your sounding board

Challenger: Your difficult questions

Candid: Your honest voice

Cheerleader: Your biggest fan

Don’t even think of a 7th!

Mentoring has a start, middle and an end phase.

At the start, we work together to reach absolute clarity on what you’re trying to achieve.

We’ll break down the steps you need to take to get there and consider timelines and resources (human and financial). It’s about knowing where you are now, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there! It’s that simple. Having said that, be prepared to work hard, but in a smart way.

A bit about Julie

I’ve taken two professional mentoring training courses over the last 20 years and I’ve been privileged to help many mentees to achieve many amazing things over the past 2 decades.

I have years of strategic and tactical experience in researching, designing, developing, launching, maintaining and reviewing initiatives and projects. I’m a National Problem Solving Award winner (2004) and a qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner (globally recognised project management skills, processes and tools). I have a keen eye for identifying risks and ways to manage them along with a wealth of simple tools for you to use to plan and manage your ambitions.

I’ve hosted and facilitated many Time Management workshops and have over 25 years of management and leadership experience from junior to senior management level. I’ve taken many leadership and management training courses, workshops, coaching and work hard to keep my skills and knowledge fresh.

I started a small beauty treatment business as a Sole Trader over 10 years ago before incorporating it as a Limited Company in 2012. I grew the business to include a training academy, magazine and online store selling physical and e-products. I’m now the Director of 3 amazing Companies with one delivering the most dazzling educational, inspirational and motivational subject matter specific conference event based in the U.K. with an international audience. It has its own business awards and competition so it culminates in a live evening awards ceremony and gala. I’ve also created professional Domestic Abuse awareness training and in its 18 months, it’s been taken by more than 66,000 people and incorporated as a learning module in over 230 Hair and Beauty Colleges, Academies and Schools for the next generation of professionals.

I too have a mentor and enjoy the focus that this external influence and accountability has on my mind-set and business! I specifically make time to forward plan to deliver my own strategic intent. I actively step out of my business so I can work on my business without getting lost in my business. I can help you to do the same.

I use non-disclosure agreements so you know that you’re amazing plans are safe with me, and me alone!

Whatever your goal, contact me for a free 15 minute no-obligation discussion about whether I’m the right mentor for you.

I recommend a one hour session at the start of our mentoring journey with your second a week later. Depending on your goals and the activity to achieve them, we can schedule your follow up sessions accordingly. This may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and at times to suit you. These are intense sessions so make sure you are well rested and nourished!

All sessions are by Skype, Google Meet or FaceTime.

Book A Consultation Call

Please note that Julie limits the number of people she mentors at any one time. This is to ensure that she can offer the best possible service to each of her mentees. Please get in touch BEFORE purchasing to see if she is the right Mentor for you and consider which Package is best for you.

With 3 mentoring packages available, choose what’s right for you

To get you walking with an hour long session, go for Bronze.

To get you running with a package of 6 x 1 hour long sessions, go for Silver.

To get you sprinting with an intense 6 month programme, go for Gold!

To win the Marathon with an intense 12 month programme, go for Platinum.

Mentoring Packages


One mentoring session via Skype, Google Meet or FaceTime.

1 Hour duration

Discount on any one off follow up sessions booked within 12 months.

£45.00Add to basket


Package of 6 online sessions (for the price of 5)

Session is 1 hour duration

Free downloadable Sky Rocket© Goal Planner (2021 version available 12th April)

Discount on any one off follow up sessions booked within 12 months.


£225.00Add to basket


6 Months Intense Mentoring

1st session 1.5 hour duration

Followed by 11 further sessions every 2 weeks of 1 hour duration

Free downloadable Sky Rocket© Goal Planner (2021 version available 12th April)

Free downloadable Elite Planning Tools© as needed.


£475.00Add to basket