The most commonly used eyelash extensions in the U.K. are made of Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) plastic that are called mink or silk by the manufacturer. They range in:

Lengths – it is usual to use at least 4 different sequential lengths to style the upper lash line and at least 2 for the lashes along the lower eyelid.

Thicknesses – from as fine as 0.03mm to the outrageous 0.30mm. Fine lashes under 0.10 are used for Volume applications and up to 0.15mm for Individual (Classic) lash applications. Anything thicker is considered too heavy for a natural lash to carry.

Curls – from soft and subtle to the extreme.

Colour – with black being the most popular, brown are great for natural blondes and red heads or for the more mature. Other colours used considerately can help to accentuate the colours of your eyes.

Professional Lash Stylists work with their clients to determine the best lengths, thicknesses, curls and colour(s) that can be blended to suit each person. Great styling can accentuate stunning features or disguise and play down less popular ones.

The two main eyelash extension application techniques are the Individual (otherwise known as Classic) and Volume.

Individual Eyelash Extensions

This is where one lash extension is bonded to one natural lash that’s mature and healthy enough to carry the weight of an extension safely.

The number of extensions that can be applied will depend on how many suitable natural lashes you have. This is great if you have a lot of natural lashes. If you have rather sparse or weak lashes or want a fuller look, then Volume is the one for you.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume is created by bonding a number of ultra-fine lash extensions to one natural lash. Two or more lashes are expertly ‘fanned out’ so their tips are evenly spaced apart and their bases drawn to a point.

Volume offers a much denser look that can be made darker by adding more extensions in the fans. This is a great treatment for sparse lash lines and those wanting a fuller, darker look.

Volume should not be confused with clusters, flares or party lashes as these are bunches of lashes knotted together at their base that offer a very different look. They are intended for short term use as they are heavy and generally placed without isolating an individual lash to host it. Consequently, Elite Eyelash Extensions does not offer this treatment.

Professional Assessment

Julie will provide professional advice about which treatment is best for you. She takes many factors into account such as the health of your lashes, what you would like (density, fullness, length etc.) and what will suit you. She will never overload your natural lashes by adding extensions that are too long and thick and therefore heavy. Caring for the long-term health of your natural lashes is paramount.