Brown 3D Volume

Brown lash extensions are great for natural blondes and redheads. Take a look at the video to see how stunning they are!

2D Volume

2D Volume offers a natural look that is very light to wear and looks amazing!

3D Black And Blue Lashes

Around 10% of these lashes are electric blue to complement her beautiful blue eyes. Colour lashes look their best in natural light as they’re dazzling!

Classic Two Tone Colour Lashes

Look closely at these individual lashes and you will see that their tips are a subtle shade of purple that complement her vibrant blue eyes!

3D Brown And Red Lashes

This fiery fantasy dragon has 3D brown volume lashes with some red ones blended through for fun!

The Classic Princess Combo

Is she or isn’t she? Her fairy tale princess side boasts dark blue individual lashes capped with pink volume fans for sweetness. Her darker side is 2D volume two tone black and dark purple lashes to set the mood in this fantasy drama!