Terms and Conditions for our Treatment, Training and Coaching services

You are invited to read these terms and conditions carefully. If you require any further information, please contact us.

Terms and conditions of our treatment service

Please read the following terms and conditions of our service offer carefully. You are invited to ask questions if you need any clarification.

In general

  • You will be asked to sign a consent form to give permission for us to professionally apply eyelash extensions to your natural eyelashes or remove them as necessary.
  • We will determine the best eyelash extension length, thickness and curl to be used following assessment of your natural lashes. Our primary aim is to maintain their health so they are best cared for.
  • As with many beauty treatments, there are risks in having eyelash extensions applied or removed. A reaction is rare but they can happen. A patch test must be performed at least 24 – 48 hours before your treatment. You must agree for 2-5 extensions to be applied to your natural lashes in the way the treatment is usually applied.
  • Despite a successful patch test, there are rare occasions where someone may suffer a reaction to the treatment. It may be on their first time or after many treatments.
  • You should contact us immediately if you have any concerns or experience any discomfort in or around your eye area following any treatment. This includes irritation, redness, itching, puffiness, swelling or any pain in or around your eyes. You may need to have the extensions removed immediately if it is safe to do so following assessment of the treatment area. This will be free of charge given the circumstances.

If you are concerned about any discomfort, you should consider consulting a physician. This will be at your own expense.

  • In the interests of your safety and to achieve the best results from your treatment, you agree to:

Remove all traces of eye makeup for each appointment and arrive with clean lashes. Do not wear false eyelashes for at least a week before your first eyelash extension treatment as the adhesive is hard to remove immediately from your lash line. Please note, false lashes cannot be worn whilst wearing eyelash extensions for the same reason.
We cannot apply extensions on unclean lashes as there is a risk of infection and the treatment will not last. An additional charge will be made for deep cleaning as this requires the use of special products and equipment. It also takes time (e.g. 20 minutes) and it will be done during your allotted treatment time. That will provide less time for your actual treatment so you may have fewer extensions applied as a consequence.

Many clients like to wash their hair before their appointment. Please arrive with dry hair. Wet hair will damage the special lash pillows we use for your comfort.

If you wear contact lenses, please remove them before each treatment. You may put them back in straight after.

Keep your eyes closed for the duration of your treatment until you are invited to open them. We use a high performing adhesive and its vapours can irritate your eyes if they are opened as we are treating.

Lay still for the duration for your treatment. Your stylist is using sharp implements and strong performing adhesive for a procedure that is incredibly precise. You will have the best results if you are able to relax and lay still.

Refrain from talking during your treatment unless it is necessary. Talking or laughing can dislodge the eye pads that are used to protect your lower lash line. Your lower lashes can work free and become bonded to the extensions placed along the upper lash line. They would need to be tweezed apart. The eye pads can also move into the eye and cause discomfort or an abrasion.

Follow the aftercare advice that you are given and keep your advisory leaflet for future reference. If you do not follow the care guide, it will affect how long your treatment will last.

Inform us if your medical circumstances change so we can advise about future treatments.

Infills or Maintenance

  • Extensions can be worn indefinitely when they are professionally applied. This is where they are only bonded to one natural lash so they do not interfere with the growth cycle or overload the lash line.
  • Infills are required within 2-3 weeks of your last treatment to maintain your lash look. We will recommended the frequency of your infills based on the look you want, your growth cycle and your lifestyle.
  • Eyelashes grow independently of each other and shed when they are around 12 weeks old. It is therefore normal to shed around 3 natural lashes from each eye every day as part of your lashes natural replenishing growth cycle.
  • At your Infill, there will be times when there are more suitable lashes available to treat. These are your healthy adult lashes. So your treatment may look fuller than at other times where more lashes are in their infancy so they are not able to carry an extension yet. Newer growth can be treated during an Infill session once they are mature enough to carry an extension.
  • Some people experience more eyelash and hair shedding than usual in spring and autumn. This is natural and it is more noticeable as your lashes are treated.
  • You are expected to have 50% or more of your previous treatments in place to qualify for your treatment to be provided at the agreed infill price.
  • If for any reason, your appointment falls beyond that recommended time fame, you will be charged for the extra work that will equate to being a full set.


We strive to provide a high quality treatment and a relaxing experience. This is why we undertake regular training and work hard to keep our professional knowledge at the cutting edge of the lash industry. Our products and services are tried and tested and proven to work. We have an extensive client base who return time and again for their Infills with healthy and cared for extensions.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with our service in any way, you must inform us of the exact nature of your concerns at the time or within 7 days of your treatment. We will work with you to resolve your concerns. Problems can often be explained where clients are not following our aftercare advice, or they have a very rapid growth cycle, or a rather active lifestyle. For some people, it’s just not a suitable or sustainable treatment given these factors.

Please note that full or partial refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Cancellations, lateness and missed appointments

To respect or business, clients are invited to agree to honour our cancellation, lateness and missed appointment policies as follows. This is in recognition of our loss of earnings as a consequence of these events. You are asked to give as much notice as possible should you need to reschedule any appointments.

  • You will be asked to pay a cancellation fee that amounts to 50% of the treatment cost if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.
  • You will be asked to pay a cancellation fee that amounts to 100% of the treatment cost if you do not show up for your appointment.
  • If you arrive up to 20 minutes late for your appointment, then this will be deducted from your expected treatment time and your lash stylist will do their best in the time that you have afforded them. If this is not satisfactory, then a cancellation fee that amounts to 100% of the treatment will be sought.
  • You will be asked to pay a cancellation fee that amounts to 100% of the treatment cost if you arrive more than 20 minutes late for your treatment. After this time, it will not be possible to provide the treatment that you booked as each client is given a specific time slot that we work within. This schedule must be respected so that all our clients appointments start on time.
  • These fees need to be settled before another appointment will be offered.


  • Consultations are performed free of charge on the understanding that a treatment service will be offered in the near future. Consultations are necessary to ensure that you are suitable for treatment, even if you have been treated elsewhere recently. You will be asked a series of questions to check your eye health and for any conditions that would prevent us being able to treat you at this time. We will patch test you by applying a small number of lash extensions to your natural lashes. This is to see how you get on with the products that we use. They are not an indication of what your treatment will look like.
  • At the end of the consultation, new clients are required to have a treatment time and date agreed. They will be asked to pay a non-refundable booking fee that amounts to 50% of the treatment charge. This will secure the appointments time and date. Once the treatment is performed on that time and date, this is deducted from the outstanding balance that is due. The cancellation policy applies. At least 24 hours’ notice is required to reschedule an appointment and the treatment must be performed on that rescheduled time and date to maintain the booking fee. This must be within a month so the outcome of the consultation is still current. If it is not performed on the rescheduled day, the fee paid will go towards the lost earnings and a new booking fee will be required for any further appointments.
  • All clients are expected to pay for their treatment immediately after the service has been provided. If this is not settled for any reason, you are required to settle the balance within 3 working days. If it is not, an administration charge of £20 will be added and must be settled before any further appointments can be offered. If the full balance is not settled within 28 days, we reserve the right to lay a claim before a court to seek recovery of the outstanding payment, fees and any subsequent recovery costs.

Terms and Conditions for Training and Coaching services


1.     Before booking your course, you should ensure that it meets your needs.

2.     Students must be 18 or over.

3.     An offer of a course and date is provisional subject to receipt of full payment that you are invited to complete online via the website. You will receive an automatic receipt as proof of purchase.

4.     On receipt of payment, the Academy will be dispatch your Part 1 materials by first class post within 24 hours or via email. Students are invited to acknowledge receipt so the Academy is assured that they have started their learning journey.

5.     It is necessary to successfully complete each of the 3 parts of your course in sequence to receive your certification of successful completion and your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

6.     It is assumed that you will follow the advice and guidance provided by your tutor to the best of your ability. It’s implied that you will work hard and be determined to succeed.

Cancellations by the Academy

7.     The Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone set course dates without liability. It also reserves the right to change the course venue to one within a reasonable 10 mile radius of the intended location without liability. These changes would only be in exceptional circumstances, e.g. trainer sickness or adverse weather conditions.

8.     In such an event of the Academy cancelling or postponing a set course date, you will have an opportunity to choose an alternative date or receive a refund. Refunds are subject to the cost of any course materials being deducted as you have already received them and access to materials in the Student Zone. These are priced at £100 as a reflection of the energy and knowledge base that has gone into creating them. They are subject to copyright and the course manual is for your own personal use for reference purposes only and cannot be sold or passed on.  Furthermore, you acknowledge that unless already qualified by a recognised training provider, you cannot provide treatments as prescribed in the course materials until proper accredited training and certification has been achieved. See information in the Copyright section below.

9.     The Academy is not responsible for any financial loss incurred such as travel, accommodation, childcare outlays, loss of earnings or any other like expenses.

10.  The Academy is unable to offer refunds where you cancel your training course.

11.  Your course payments are strictly non-transferable. You cannot pass your course to someone else.

Cancellations or lateness by the student

12.  The course is built around you and your prompt attendance is essential.

13.  If you are unable to attend your course, please provide 14 days’ notice. This will give the Academy an offer the session to another student.

14.  If you find that you are unable to attend the course with less than 2 weeks’ notice, you may lose your full payment unless there is a valid and unforeseeable reason for your cancellation such as certificated illness. This must be evidenced by the student to the satisfaction of the Principal of the Academy.

15.  Where evidenced to their satisfaction, the Academy can offer an alternative date on one occasion within 2 months, subject to availability. Re-booking will be subject to an administration charge of £50 that is required to confirm your place. At the point of cancellation, you must agree your alternative date otherwise it will be treated as a full cancellation. In that case, no alternative date or refund will be offered other than detailed in paragraph 8 above.

16.  Where it is safe and legal to do so, please advise the Academy if you are likely to be more than 15 minutes late. Courses will be treated as cancelled without notice if a student arrives more than 40 minutes late of the given start time. The course is intensive and every minute counts. Heavy traffic cannot be considered to be an ‘unforeseeable’ reason as plenty of time should be allowed to arrive timely. The only consideration would be if you are held up in static traffic due to a serious incident that closed the road for example. Again, it is the student’s duty to evidence the issue satisfactorily, not the Academy’s to explore.

17.  If you are suffering from an injury or condition that may be aggravated by any part of the training, you should seriously consider if it will aggravate your condition. If this is known or believed prior to booking, please discuss your needs with the Academy who can advise before booking and paying for a course.

18.    This treatment involves very close up work that can cause eyestrain. If you have not had an eye test in the last year or have any concerns about your eyesight, you are advised to undergo a sight test at your own expense before attending your course. You will need to advise your optician of the type of work that you will be doing. Being able to read small text is not enough as this is a 2 dimensional activity. Applying a fine lash extension to a fine lash hair is 3D activity. If your sight isn’t strong enough and requires specialist correction, you will not be able to accurately apply extensions.

Requirements for your day session

19.  Long hair should be suitably tied back to avoid contact with the treatment.

20.  You should wear professional clothing that should include a beauty tunic if you have one. If you do not, a garment that covers the shoulders with a short sleeve will be adequate. Long sleeved clothing is not advisable during any training practical exercise.

21.  Loose bracelets or hanging necklaces must be removed and stored safely, preferably at home. The Academy cannot be held liable for either the loss or subsequent safeguarding of such personal effects.

22.  Nails must not be excessive in length and hands and under nails clean.

23.  Flat shoes are essential and outside or heeled shoes cannot be worn on the training site.

24.  You will be provided with protective footwear coverings that must be worn at all times whilst on the premises.

25.  Cuts and abrasions must be appropriately covered and standards of personal hygiene should be of the highest level expected of our industry.

26.  Personal Protective Equipment will be worn during training and provided by the Academy as part of each training package, i.e. masks.

27.  Smoking is strictly prohibited in the training venue.

28.  Students cannot be accompanied by pets, friends or relatives, especially children as there is no provision at the venue to accommodate them.

29.  Drinks may be consumed in the treatment/training room but food is not permitted in the interests of observing strict levels of hygiene.


30.  Where the specified kit is not readily available, the Academy reserves the right to substitute the relevant item(s) with a like product of the same value or more, at the expense of the Academy.

31.  Your kit has been sourced from reputable sources. This is to ensure that their products are safe and legal to be used in the UK to comply with the relevant legislation.


32.  You will need a model for a section of your part 2 session. Please ensure that they attend promptly and are available for the stated duration. The start time will be specified in your course welcome letter.

33.  They must be 18 years of age or over and of any gender.

34.  Sadly, models cannot be accommodated on site prior to the time they are required.

35.  Please advise your model to ensure that they are adequately nourished before their session as they will be invited to lay still for lengthy periods of time and it’s important that they are comfortable. Many like to listen to music and they may do so through their own devices where headphones are worn and it’s not too loud. They may use their device after you have conducted the preliminary procedure as you will need to converse with them to perform your consultation and to check for comfort etc. The Academy can advise.

Completing your course

36.  Where a kit is supplied as part of your course, the Academy will retain your ‘course kit’ until the end of your part 2 training session with your tutor. The purpose of this session is for your tutor to assess that you are safe and competent to practice your case studies unsupervised.

37.  If, in the exceptionally rare event that your tutor believes that you have not met that standard in the given time, the Academy reserves the right to retain the kit or part of it, and agree a personal development plan with their student. The aim of this is to develop skills to enable and equip movement on to move to part 3 (practicing their case studies unsupervised). Development plans will be specific and time bound that will be no longer than 6 weeks. Students will be invited to a further 2 hour tutor assessment before moving to their part 3. This is free of charge.

38.  It is exceptionally rare that a student does not master the skills to perform this treatment after their development plan and follow up session. If it is clear to the tutor that certification cannot be granted after this additional work, the Academy reserves the right to inform the student that certification will not be granted and they are not authorised to perform treatment on people, for payment or otherwise.

39.  The Academy practices and expects high standards. In the interests of safety, it is necessary to pass this course to receive formal certification. This enables a qualified student to obtain the necessary insurance and offer this treatment for payment or otherwise.

40.  Sadly, where a student has not been successful, the Academy cannot ‘buy back’ any kit as they cannot be put back into use.

41.  Students will be advised of the number of case studies they must complete in a given period. This is to encourage students to put their learning into practice as soon as possible. If the case studies are not completed within 12 months of the tutored session, then students will have to retake the course at their expense in order to complete it. This is due to the pace at which eyelash extension theory and techniques develop in this fast paced industry. Students must submit their first case study for assessment to ensure that they are completing them to the correct level to pass assessment. Submissions must be to the standard required as laid out in the course manuals and it is the student’s responsibility to do so. For example, ensure that your photographs are of reasonable quality so the Academy can see your work. If they are a poor representation, they cannot be accepted.

42.  All case studies must be the students work alone. The Academy reserves the right to contact any of the case studies to ensure that the terms of the course are being strictly observed. If the Academy has any grounds to suspect that one or more of the case studies is not the students own work, the student will be invited to complete a supervised case study at their own expense.

43.  The Academy reserves the right to use any case study image to promote the progress of its students through any reasonable marketing channel, i.e. website. The Academy will ask permission for the students name to be used, i.e. watermarked so they receive the right and proper credit for their hard work.


44.  Upon successful completion, certification will generally be posted within 24 hours by first class in a protective envelop. Students are encouraged to advise the Academy on receipt so the Academy is assured that it has been rightfully received. The Academy will confirm the correct name and spelling of each student during the course and any requests for amendments or duplicate certificates will be subject to a replacement fee to cover the materials and its postage. Names must be what you are legally known as whilst undertaking the course. Any deviation must be satisfactorily explain, i.e. recent marriage.

45.  Requests for duplicate certificates are subject to an administration charge. These can be ordered through the Website.

46.  Upon successful completion and certification, the Academy is proud to offer ongoing ‘advisory’ support. Students are welcome to ask questions that the Academy will respond to as soon as possible. If the Academy believes that the student is accessing an exceptional level of advisory support, they will advise accordingly and suggest a one to one coaching session is more appropriate for the student’s needs. Please see the Website for pricing details.

47.  Upon payment at the start their learning journey, students will receive a User name and Password to the Student Zone where they can access this site. It is restricted to Eye by i Academy students and their log on details must not be shared with anyone else. This private site gives students access to other course materials that they will need to complete their course (case study self-reflection form).

48. The Academy also offers other resources for students own personal use so they can get their lash business up and running as soon as possible. These are Suitability and consent forms, Client record cards, Classic (Individual) lash extension aftercare cards, Volume lash aftercare cards. They are in MS Word format so students can amend if they wishes e.g. add or amend content or add company details.


49.  Students are reminded that all the content in the Student Zone and all their course materials, including course books, DVDs and handouts  are subject to Copyright © protection in any format (hard or soft copy).  All rights are reserved. No part of these course materials may be reproduced in any way without prior permission from the Academy. This includes photocopying, photographing, electronically transferring or transmitting and content by any means or otherwise. Hiring or lending is also strictly prohibited without prior permission from the Academy. Unauthorised copying or transmission will constitute an infringement of Copyright. Selling or distributing without prior written consent of the Academy is strictly prohibited.

50.  The intended Eye by i Academy student has permission to use Eye by i materials for their own personal educational use only. They are not intended to be used as a standalone training tool by anyone whether previously qualified or not. It strictly does not act as a substitute for professional training through an accredited course provider that must be satisfactorily completed to earn appropriate certification of skills and competence.