A little tender loving care will enhance the life of your eyelash extensions and keep them at their best. We offer products for sale that are specially formulated for use with lash extensions like cleaners and brushes that will help you care for them better.

Your eyelashes shed as a part of their growth cycle and it takes the extension with it. This makes way for new growth that can be treated when it is mature enough to carry the extension.

Infills to maintain your look are recommended every 2-3 weeks and the frequency should be in line with how you care for the, your lifestyle, growth cycle and the look that needs maintaining. If you have a fuller look, you will need more frequent infills.


You should have at least 50% of your eyelash extensions in place for an infill fee to be valid otherwise you will need the equivalent of a full set and will be charged as such.

Caring for them is easy, when you know how. . . .

Keep oily products well away from your lashes

Moisturising cream, sun screen and makeup can weaken the bond between the extensions and the natural lash so they won’t last long. Apply products with precision to avoid any contact. Remove any other eye makeup with an oil free makeup remover. Your eyelids are rich in sebaceous glands that secrete an oily matter called sebum so you need to keep your eyelid clean too.

Do not use ANY mascara on your lashes

You don’t need it! It looks awful too. Individual lash extensions lose their tapered tip and volume fans will clump together causing irreparable damage. Mascara adds weight that could overload the extensions. It is difficult to remove without harming the lash extensions. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can led to infections. The eyelash extensions will need to be removed and the eye area thoroughly cleansed before they can be retreated.

Do not use oily eyeliner on the upper eyelid

As it is worn, it can blend with the oils secreted from the eyelid and seep into the lash line. It is hard to remove and if it harms your extensions, they will need to be removed.

Do not use cotton wool or face wipes on or near your lashes

Threads from cotton wool balls or pads can snag on the lash extensions and get caught up in them. This can cause irritation and discomfort. Threads from face wipes can get caught up to. Some wipes contain oil based products that should not come into contact with eyelash extensions.

No false lashes

False lashes should not be worn with eyelash extensions as they are placed too close to the lash line. Its adhesive will get caught in the extensions and it is incredibly difficult to remove it. The extensions may need to be removed so the lash line can be thoroughly cleansed.

No lash curling, lifting, perming or tinting the lashes

Lash curlers permanently bend the extensions. Perming, lifting and tinting are not recommended as we cannot guarantee how these products will interact with your extensions. If you have regular infills, you will not need lash lifts or tints.

Do not pull or rub the lashes

You will dislodge your extensions if you rub them and pulling will rip the natural eyelash out before it is due to shed. This will cause gaps along the lash line that will need time to recover.

No more tears

Your tears are made up of water, oil and mucus. You are likely to lose more eyelash extensions if you have been crying. Cleanse your lashes with a lash cleanser to wash away the oil and mucus after a tearful spell.

Do not sleep facing into the pillow

Avoid sleeping with your face nestled into your pillow. Your extensions can rub and become dislodged. Silk pillow cases can be a little kinder or wear a moulded sleep mask to protect your eyes.

Keep heat away from your lashes

They are made of plastic and they will frazzle or melt. Take care when lighting cigarettes, fire pits, barbeques or using hot hair implements. Heat remains in just treated hair that can melt the extensions and fuse them together.

Do not catch them on your clothes

Guide tight fitting clothing over your chin and face as you take it off to avoid catching on your lash extensions.

Remove all makeup and cleanse lashes every day

The eyelid and lash extensions should be thoroughly cleansed daily. It is best to use a specially formulated lash shampoo and follow the instructions on use.

Pat the lashes dry after cleansing

Your extensions group together when they are wet, just like head hair. They ‘fan’ out again as they dry. To dry them, close your eyes and use a fresh towel to gently pat them.

Comb your lashes when needed

You will be given a mascara wand for you to gently brush your extensions. Keep it clean and dry.

Have regular infills to maintain your look

Regular infills are needed every 2-3 weeks to maintain your look. Julie will advise about the recommended frequency in line with your lifestyle, growth cycle and your look.

The difference between an infill and a full set treatment charge

It’s usual to shed around 3 lashes per eye every day. That’s over 20 lashes a week, over 40 in 2 weeks and over 60 by 3 weeks from one eye. If you were treated to 100 extensions or Volume fans on each eye then more than half will be lost by natural shedding by 3 weeks.

You should have around 50% of your treatment left for it to be deemed an infill, otherwise you will be charged for the extra work that is needed.

If for any reason, your infill appointment is more than 3 weeks since your last treatment, you will be charged for a full set rather than an infill rate. This is for the extra work that needs to be done.

Lash Extensions Removal

If you do not want to maintain your look, your eyelash extensions should be professionally removed. We use special products to safely remove the extension and all traces of the adhesive that is used to bond them to your natural lashes.

Please do not attempt to remove them yourself. You are likely to pull many of your natural lashes out (prematurely) and not only does this hurt, it will take some time for your lash line to fully recover from this trauma.

Everything you need to care for your lashes

You’ll receive comprehensive aftercare advice and a leaflet for reference.

There are products that will help you to care for lash extensions

Mini Care Pack


Contains 3ml Lash Cleaner, Cleansing Brush, Oil Free Makeup Remover, and Brushes

Lash Cleansing Brushes


Soft bristled lash cleansing brush used to apply your cleansing lather to your lashes. The delicate bristles will not harm your lashes.

Protective Lash Coating 7ml


For individual eyelash extensions only. It can enhance the life of the extensions as it forms a protective coating sealant around it to guard against oils and makeup.

Thai Skin Therapy Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 250ml


A gentle oil free eye make-up remover.

Eyelash & Brow Cleanser 50ml Bottle


A cleanser formulated for the eye area that gently cleans lash extensions.

Anti-bacterial, soothing and refreshing.

Eyelash & Brow Cleanser 3ml Sachet


A cleanser formulated for the eye area that gently cleans lash extensions.

Anti-bacterial, soothing and refreshing.

You can purchase these from Julie during your treatments.