A little tender loving care will enhance the life of your lash extensions and keep them at their best. Specially formulated products are available to help you to care for them like cleansers and brushes are offered for sale.

Your lashes naturally shed as a part of a replenishing growth cycle, taking the extension with it. This makes way for new growth that can be treated when it’s mature enough to carry an extension. Infills to maintain your look are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Their frequency is determined by how you care for them, your health, lifestyle, growth cycle and the look. If you have a fuller look, you’ll need infills more frequently.

You’ll need at least 50% of your treatment left or it’ll be charged as a full set


Caring for them is easy, when you know how. . . .

Keep oily products away from your lashes

Apply products like moisturising creams and makeup with precision to avoid contact with your lashes. It will close and potentially destroy your Volume Fans. If any of the bases of the extensions are lifting a little due to age or care, oily products can seep between them. Remove eye makeup with an oil free makeup remover. Remember: your eyelids are rich in sebaceous glands that secrete sebum so please keep your eyelid clean too.

Do not use ANY mascara on your lashes

You don’t need it! It looks awful. Individual lash extensions lose their tapered tip and volume fans clump together causing irreparable damage. Mascara adds weight that could overload the extensions. It’s difficult to remove without harming the extensions. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can led to infections. The extensions will need to be removed and the eye area thoroughly cleansed before they can be retreated.

Do not use oily eyeliner on the upper eyelid

As it is worn, it can blend with the oils secreted from the eyelid and seep into the lash line. It is hard to fully remove and difficult to clean effectively without harming the extensions. Remember the advice about oily products.

Do not use cotton wool or face wipes on or near your lashes

Fibres from cotton wool balls / pads and wipes can snag on the extensions and fibrous threads can get caught up in them and enter the eye. This can cause irritation and discomfort.

No false lashes

False lashes should never be worn with extensions. They’re placed close to the lash line so its stringy adhesive smoothers the bonds of the extensions and it’s difficult to remove it all. The extensions need removing so the lid margin can be thoroughly cleansed to prevent infections.

No curling, lifting, perming or tinting the lashes

Lash curlers permanently crimp extensions. It’s not possible to perm or lift lashes that have extensions on and it’ll be uncomfortable. We can’t guarantee how different products interact. It’s difficult to tint untreated lashes and clean them properly. It’s also unnecessary if you have regular infills.

Do not pull or rub the lashes

You’ll dislodge your extensions if you rub them. Pulling will rip out the natural lash before it is due to shed. This will cause gaps along the lash line that’ll need time to fully recover.

No more tears

Tears contain water, oil and mucus. You’re likely to lose more lash extensions if you’ve had a good cry. Thoroughly clean your lashes with a lash cleanser after a tearful spell.

Do not sleep facing into the pillow

Avoid sleeping with your face nestled into your pillow. Your extensions can rub and become dislodged. Silk pillow cases are kinder or wear a moulded sleep mask to protect your eyes.

Keep heat away from your lashes

They’re plastic, they’ll frazzle or melt. Take care lighting cigarettes or using fire pits, barbeques or hair stylers. Heat holds in just treated hair and if that touches the extensions, they’ll melt then fuse together.

Do not catch them on your clothes

Guide tight fitting clothes over your chin and face as you remove them to avoid them catching on your extensions.

Remove all makeup and cleanse lashes every day

The eyelid and lash extensions should be cleansed thoroughly every day. It’s best to use a specially formulated lash cleanser and follow their instructions on use.