How it’s done

Relax as you recline on a comfortable beauty couch with your eyes closed. As you won’t see what Julie’s doing, here’s a little peek.


Julie starts by cleaning your lashes to remove any barriers that may come between the adhesive and your natural lashes. The lashes along your lower lash line are carefully covered with a specially formulated eye pad or tape to protect them from the treatment area. You then close your eyes for the duration of your treatment. She combs your lashes maps your lash design on the eye pads or tapes to direct where the different lengths and curls will be placed.



Julie isolates one suitable natural lash with fine pointed tweezers that holds other lashes at bay. She picks up the individual extension or Volume Fan in another pair of tweezers and dips its base in the adhesive. She places it on the isolated lash, 0.5mm away from the eyelid and angles it to point where it’s needed. This may not follow the natural lashes direction if they’re misbehaved!

Depending on the number of treatable natural lashes and the look you want, you may have an average of 100 extensions placed on each lash line. With Volume, it could be around 3-600 based on the number of extensions used in the Fans!


Finishing Up

Julie meticulously checks that each extension is correctly positioned, bonded and free from its neighbours! She combs them and removes the eye pads or tapes from the lower lash line before inviting you to open your eyes and enjoy your treatment!

She explains how to care for your lash extensions and you’ll receive an aftercare leaflet and a mascara wand to use as a comb.

You will have an opportunity to purchase products that will help you to care for your eyelash extensions. They can help to keep them lovely and healthy for longer. See the Aftercare page for more details.

Take a look at the video to see how it’s done!


Take a look at the video to see how it’s done!

Why You Need Infills To Maintain Your Look

Humans shed an average of 3 lashes a day from each eye. This is natural as it’s all part of a healthy replenishing growth cycle. As the natural lash sheds, it takes the lash extension or volume fan with it. This makes way for new growth that can be treated when it matures a little. At an Infill, you need at least 50% of your treatment left or you’ll be charged for a new set.

This is what a natural lash carrying a Classic lash extension looks like when it sheds. You can see root end of the natural lash fixed to the base or the thicker part of the extension that sits closest to the eyelid (on the right hand side).