Classic (Individual) Eyelash Extension Course

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Whether you’re new to beauty or an experienced industry profession who’s looking to add this lucrative treatment to your menu, this Classic Lash Extension course is an ideal start for everyone. No prior experience is required.

This course is also recommended for those who have trained elsewhere but haven’t quite got off to a flying start.

As an entry level foundation course, this is an exceptionally comprehensive course to help you to get the very best start to your lash career. You receive fantastic course materials and a complimentary lash extensions kit worth £160 to get you started.

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This course covers the Anatomy and Physiology of Eyes and Natural Lashes, about Lash Extensions, Consultations, understanding Contra-indications, gaining Informed Consent, Patch Testing, dealing with Contra-actions, Styling and Mapping, Products used and how they work, Application, Removal, best Retention trouble shooting, Aftercare, Infills, Troubleshooting, Sanitation, Hygiene, Health and Safety, Professionalism, Ethics, Data Protection, Treating Young People and Insurance.

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This course is in 3 parts. You start from the moment you book your course.

Part 1

Essential Distance Learning and Practice. Spend up to

  • 18 hours reading your 3 learning support guides.
  • 2 hours completing the two exercises in book 1b
  • 3 hours studying your videos
  • 2 hours completing your Knowledge Check
  • 3 hours isolating a training lash with tweezers in your non-dominant hand (work in short sessions)
  • 2 hours picking up lash extensions with tweezers in your dominant hand (work in short sessions)

Part 2

A 9 hour face to face class with Julie covering theory and practice on a training head and model. You receive your lash extension kit so you can start your case studies.

Part 3

Spend up to 30 hours completing 5 case studies in turn within 6 weeks to evidence of your learning and development.

On successful completion of your course, you will receive your Classic Lash

Extension certificate having earned 103 CPD points.

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In all, this course will take around 9 days to complete.

You will be able to access ongoing advisory support for any aspect of this course after qualifying as this is just the start of your amazing career!


This course has been professional accredited by 2 awarding bodies being The Guild of Beauty Therapists and Lash Inc.

It’s been awarded 103 Continuous Professional Development Points (CPD)

This high CPD is a testament to the level of study required to complete this course. CPD is an investment that you make in yourself that’s a career-long obligation for practising professionals.

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